A Local Hotdog for the 11th Annual WV Hotdog Festival.

Huntington 30 Mile Meal is creating a local hotdog for the West Virginia Hotdog Festival in Huntington, July 25th 2015. This creation is a big deal and will be the first local hotdog offered at the festival. There are over 12 local businesses and organizations involved in making this project a success. Each company brings […]

Local Food Systems: The who, what, when, where and why’s of local.

This article is a fantastic collection of all things local food. Just in-case you need more reasoning or facts behind your local food choices. What does local do for you, the plant and the community? It might just be more than you think. http://www.sustainabletable.org/254/local-regional-food-systems

The Customer is ALWAYS Right?

The customer may not always be right BUT….The customer is ALWAYS the customer. This article brings up the topic of understanding customer behaviors, how to deal with unruly ones and how every customer is a chance to improve your business! http://winthecustomer.com/the-customer-is-always-right-wrong/

Signature Strengths: what are they, how are they recognized and how can they benefit?!

When it comes to deciding whether strengths are signature strengths, if you have only one question to ask someone, make it: “What strengths are most essential to who you are and define you as a person?” This appears to be the single most important criterion in determining whether character strengths are “signature,” or not. Other […]

Top 20 Business Opportunities for 2015

Are you interested in starting a business? Want the luxuries of being your own boss, following your passion, setting your own schedule and even working from home? Below is a link of the top 20 business opportunities of 2015. Does your business idea make the list?…. find out! http://www.sbomag.com/2014/10/top-twenty-businesses/